CAUSINDY is excited to announce CAUSINDY Alumni Grants. The goal of this grant program is to help CAUSINDY alumni put their ideas into action through accessing initial seed funding and mentoring support. We want to support you to create meaningful change and strengthen the Australia-Indonesia relationship

Providing funds alone is not always the answer to get something going, so the CAUSINDY executive team will help incubate the initiatives from an idea stage into operations. Working with CAUSINDY’s networks, we’ll connect you with expertise and assistance in:

  • Creating and recruiting volunteer organizations
  • Helping the core initiative team create a work plan, organization structure, vision and mission
  • Connecting CAUSINDY alumni teams to relevant stakeholders from the CAUSINDY network in government, business, NGO for potential partnerships
  • Promote CAUSINDY alumni projects within the CAUSINDY network via social media, newsletters and on the website


  • CAUSINDY will fund up to $3,000 per grant per project
  • Funding could support any of the following subject to criteria below
    1. Community or networking programs
    2. Research and development projects
    3. Educational workshops, coaching programs
    4. Policy advocacy research
    5. Public awareness campaigns
    6. Seed an idea for a for profit product or service
  1. Main initiative owner must be alumni of CAUSINDY, it is not a requirement that the entire group/team of the initiative must come from CAUSINDY
  2. Initiative must be related to strengthening the bilateral relationship (judged by CAUSINDY board and outlined in the application)
  3. Applicant will only be eligible for one grant from CAUSINDY. Applicants may apply for grants for multiple projects, however only one grant will be accepted