ANU Announced as a Minor Sponsor of CAUSINDY 2016


CAUSINDY is very pleased to welcome back The Australian National University (ANU) as a Minor Sponsor of CAUSINDY 2016. ANU is widely recognised as a leading place of research, undergraduate and postgraduate education, and policy engagement. Given the Australian National University’s reputation as a centre for excellence in Indonesian teaching and research – both domestically and abroad – we are excited to partner again for 2016. This year, we are particularly excited to have Greg Fealy, Associate Professor in Indonesian Politics at the ANU, join us again as a speaker.

CAUSINDY has greatly appreciated the support of ANU since CAUSINDY 2013, which was held at the University’s campus in Canberra. We thank ANU again for their support of CAUSINDY 2016 and look forward to working with ANU in the lead up to and at the conference.