Panel Discussions

Introductory panel

2.30-3.30pm Wednesday, Conrad Bali

Moderated by Helen Brown, the introduction panel is an opportunity for the delegates to discuss their backgrounds and experiences in an informal, moderated discussion.

Business Debate

4pm-5pm Wednesday, Conrad Bali

The recent reactivation of negotiations toward an Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA), sparks an opportunity for collaboration between Australian and Indonesian businesses and investors. Lydia Santoso, Justin Fox and Helen Brown will talk about the Agreement, opportunity and barriers to doing business in both Indonesia and Australia.

At home and abroad: the year in politics

9am-10.30am Thursday, Conrad Bali

Our annual political panel will look at the domestic political scene in both countries, and how those issues have shaped foreign policy over the last year. Politics and policy experts Dewi Anwar and Greg Fealy will discuss the bilateral relationship in conversation moderated by Helen Brown.

The search for growth: technology and innovation in the bilateral relationship

10.30am-12pm Friday, Rumah Sanur

The CAUSINDY Tech and Innovation panel will explore major developments in the digital and technology sector in both Australia and Indonesia. This includes the policy focus of the Joko Widodo administration to foster the growth of the digital ecosystem in Indonesia. In Australia the Turnbull Government committed $1.1 billion AUD to the ‘ideas boom’. Our panel of Mathew Benjamin, Yansen Kamto, Jamie Camidge and TBC will tease out these policy areas and discuss opportunities and challenges faced.

Forests, climate change and sustainability in Indonesia

2.30pm-4pm Friday, Conrad Bali

Indonesia faces a number of challenges in the environmental sector including deforestation and climate change. Initiatives to improve sustainability in environmental management are a major focus of government policy and closely tied to economic and social development. Join Dr Justin Lee, and Dewi Bramono in discussion with Prodita Sabarini as they explore and assess initiatives to reduce environmental degradation in Indonesia.


Breakout Sessions

Over the course of the conference delegates will work with mentors to dive into and explore an issue in the Australia-Indonesia relationship.


9am-10.30am Saturday, Conrad Bali

In the final CAUSINDY Review session, delegates will make their pitches to the CAUSINDY delegate and mentor group.

Special Events

Cooking Class at Casa Luna

2pm-5pm Thursday, Casa Luna, Ubud

Delegates will discover the secrets of Balinese cooking at Casa Luna, one of Bali’s best restaurants. The class will look at Balinese life, beliefs and culture through learning about its food, cooking and culinary myths.

Bridging Cultures

6.30pm-8.30pm Thursday, Villa Pandan Harum, Ubud

Understanding culture is crucial to the sustainability of the Australia-Indonesia relationship. By properly analysing the diverse roles culture that culture plays, future leaders can better steer the bilateral relationship to benefit both nations’ people.

Since the experiences of Indonesians and Australians in each other’s countries, via tourism, study abroad or migration, are inseparable from ideas about culture, the panel will examine the institutions and development policies that create and disseminate those ideas.

Breakfast with Alex Rusli

8am-9.30am Friday, Conrad Bali

Bpk Alexander Rusli is currently sits as President Director and CEO of Indonesia’s leading telecommunication company – Indosat Ooredoo. Former Expert Advisor to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Rusli was involved in the formulation of policy and regulation in the telecommunication, media and postal industries. This session is an intimate discussion on leadership and the digital and technology sector.

Networking lunch at Rumah Sanur

12pm-1.15pm Friday, Rumah Sanur

Following Friday morning’s tech and innovation panel, the Australian Consulate-General in Bali will host a networking lunch at Rumah Sanur, and Indonesian-Australian tech coworking space. Delegates and speakers will be joined by Australian alumni and business representatives from Bali.

Gala Dinner

7pm-10pm Friday, Conrad Bali

The CAUSINDY Gala Dinner brings together speakers, partners, delegates and community leaders on the last night of the conference. With a keynote speech from a senior figure in the bilateral relationship, delegates have an opportunity to wind down and reflect on the conference.

Closing Lunch

1pm-2.30pm Saturday

To mark the end of the official conference program, delegates will gather with mentors and conference team members for an informal lunch.