Writing postcards with Rumah Cerita

By Aqmarina Andira, Content and Presentation Designer at telkomtelstra and delegate to CAUSINDY 2015 in Darwin.

14666234_10208761430527273_9137115011175449447_nUnderstanding the importance of people to people relationship in strengthening the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia, a group of CAUSINDY Alumni, Marlisa Soepeno, Dicky Wallad, Gabriel Mukuan, and Nurina Savitri came up with an idea to conduct CAUSINDY Alumni Community Engagement Program by connecting children from Rumah Cerita, a non for profit creative writing center for children which is co-founded by Aqmarina Andira, 2015 CAUSINDY delegate, with students from Braemar College where Rebecca Gregory, also 2015 CAUSINDY delegate, teaches Indonesian language. The program is aimed to initiate an early cross cultural understanding between children in Indon
esian and Australia by exchanging stories and experience through postcard writing workshop.

The session began with an icebreaking Pictionary games, where CAUSINDY Alumni introduced themselves by drawing their profession on the board, and continued with a sharing session where the children could ask further questions about CAUSINDY Alumni as well as the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia. Expanding their knowledge about professions and learning about the importance of international collaboration in education, trade, migration, and culture, the session inspired not only the children but also the Alumni who participated in the event.

14708352_10208761427647201_1116843891111544942_nGetting creative by reading, drawing, and writing a reply for their new friends in Australia who is trying to learn to speak Indonesian Language, the children from Rumah Cerita were very enthusiastic with the program. They practiced to write English, introduced batik pattern and Indonesian famous landmarks in their drawings, as well as shared personal stories about their life, their favorite things and their most memorable experiences.

Overall, it is hoped that the program will continue to help improve bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia, promote language exchange, contribute to social and cultural understanding from early age, as well as to create awareness of the importance of storytelling and literature in both countries. It is also hoped that the CAUSINDY Alumni Community Engagement Program can be held in a more sustainable manner by conducting other activities that can benefit communities both in Indonesia and Australia.